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What You Need to Know

Are your tours wheelchair accessible/ How long are they?

These tours cover a range of distances between 1-3 miles. They are wheelchair accessible; however, some find the distance difficult in a wheelchair. The Downtown is 1 mile, Rad is 2-3 (depending on the morning of afternoon tour), West is 1.5 miles, Ghost is 1.5 miles, Music is 1.5 

Are your tours dog friendly?

Absolutely! We love dogs! The only tour that doesn't allow dogs is the ghost tour because the cemetery doesn't allow them unless they are service dogs! In that case, please just have them wear their vests.  

What language do you offer tours in?

What is the weather policy?

We are rain or shine as long as there are no thunderstorms or anything else that will make it unsafe! 

Our public tours are offered in English. We do have the option of private tours in Spanish and Portuguese upon request! 

Do you accept last-minute bookings?

As long as there are other bookings and the tour is not booked out, we do accept last minute bookings and walk ons

What is a good tip? 

Our guide to tipping is:

Per person: 

$10-$15= Professional and Knowledgeable 

$16-$30 Enjoyable and Entertaining 

>$30 Loved it, truly memorable 

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